Privacy policy

We are very serious about the confidentiality of our users' data in the application «SloWord».

Our application is free for you, but it contains advertising. On devices with Android, we use the standard Android advertising identifier solely for advertising and analyzing its performance. An advertising identifier can be associated with data that allows you to establish the identity of the user, or permanent device identifiers, such as SSAID, MAC address or IMEI, only with your explicit consent.

Our application does not contain any tools other than the Android advertising identifier, and therefore for its own purposes:

We just do not need to know anything about you. Even if we were persuaded to collect something, our principled position is not to provide any opportunity to receive any of personal data, using your confidence in us. We assure you that you should not worry about the security of your sensitive data when using our application. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our team at the email address listed in the technical support information.